History of the LIU JO brand: fashion for modern and strong women


LIU JO is a somewhat unique brand – sensual, modern and bold. The shoes of the Italian brand fascinate with their unique design and its bags seduce with a classic elegance. Do you want to know the history of the LIU JO brand and all the interesting facts about it? In a moment I will satisfy your curiosity!

LIU JO aims to bring out the natural beauty of women. Attractive and sophisticated designs are highly appreciated by premium fashion lovers.

LIU JO: what brand is it? Made in Italy fashion

The LIU JO company was founded in 1995 in Carpi, in the province of Modena. And even if it exudes femininity, two brothers created it: Marco and Vannis Marchi. The name of the brand derives from the nicknames that Marco Marchi (JO) and a former partner (LIU) used in their youth.

Initially, the brand was primarily associated with denim, but over time its assortment has evolved. The flagship product of the brand remains the Bottom Up jeans , although LIU JO also produces excellent quality footwear, trendy jewelry and even perfumes. The brand is currently available in 48 countries – with a distribution network of 490 mono-brand stores and around 5,500 multi-brand stores. These numbers are staggering, aren’t they?

LIU JO in collaboration with Kate Moss

In 2022, the brand gained more notoriety for its collaboration with supermodel Kate Moss. The sensual blonde has become the face of the spectacular spring-summer collection, perfectly in line with the style and philosophy of the Italian brand. The following year he inaugurated a renovated and expanded flagship store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. Collaboration with such a famous model has sparked a lot of interest in the fashion world. Kate once again lends her face to the brand’s campaign in 2014.

Le linee LIU JO: black, white, blue i gold

Few people know that LIU JO products are divided according to special lines that take their names from four colors: black, white, blue and gold. Here they are:

Black Label line – was designed for modern entrepreneurs. The collections consist of coats and semi-formal dresses, which are the perfect complement to office outfits;

White Label line – is a nod to basic and minimalism. It is distinguished by practical models in combination with an interesting range of colors;

Blue Denim line – as the name suggests, focuses on denim. Manufacturers use bi-stretch technology to create jeans that shape the silhouette;

Gold Label line – includes the most expensive and elegant products, such as richly adorned cocktail dresses and sumptuous prom dresses.

The LIU JO brand also offers products from the two popular series: Sport and Beachwear. It must be admitted that here EVERYONE can find something to their liking.

LIU JO su escarpe.it

In the assortment of the escarpe.it shop you will find LIU JO shoes, bags and accessories. Patterned sneakers will allow you to emphasize your unconventional approach to fashion, while fine bags will last you for more than a season. LIU JO is a real statement of style and quality. The interesting thing is that the wide offer of the Italian brand also includes shoes and accessories for children: glitter sneakers or sandals in pastel shades.

LIU JO is a manifesto of feminine beauty, sensuality and naturalness. By choosing the products of the Italian brand you will perceive their quality and you will appreciate their design. Professional finishes, attention to detail and interesting embellishments are just the tip of the fashion iceberg. Discover one of our premium brands on escarpe.it !


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